The lab represents a ‘virtual place’ where researchers from different institutions work with a common interest in the advancement of knowledge in meeting the challenges of enterprises and associated information systems in rapidly reacting to dynamic business environments. The aim is to foster collaboration at an international level whereby this collaboration may take various forms, from sharing resources (e.g. bibliography, tools etc.) to working on common projects and to producing joint publications. In order to achieve this aim, lab researchers need to have a common understanding of a general framework of research that would a broad canvas in which the various individual efforts could be placed and their contribution therefore clearly identified. Such a framework should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the evolution of researchers and also of future research challenges.

Such a framework is shown in the figure below. This framework recognizes that research of the lab is situated in the three broad domains of strategic management, enterprise engineering and information systems engineering.

Some researchers may work exclusively within one of these domains whereas others may work across these.

The research work would be carried out using one or more of foundational scientific fields shown in the diagram.

The work may use or extend existing tools conducive to the work in hand or even develop new ones.

In order to validate the research results and to offer advances in practice, researchers would be engaged with real applications that may address a variety of societal and business needs.